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Discover The 79 Actions That You Need To Take Today That will Lead To Huge Results In Your Internet Business

The Internet is a big place that continues to grow at a substantial rate and diversify every year.

There are currently over 4 billion users on the Internet today and more than 1.95 billion websites that, as an Internet business owner you’ll have to compete with. With more than 40,000 Google searches happening every second, you need to find a way to gain the attention of these potential customers.

In today’s 24/7 connected world, getting in front of the right customers at the right time can be a challenge, and knowing how your target audience engages with their favorite brands and the things that influence them to buy are the keys to growing your online business.

Fortunately, many of the things that you’re doing, or not doing can be corrected. By taking the right actions today, you can start to turn your Internet business around so that you can achieve success.

The Internet Marketers Handbook details the 79 actions that you need to take today, which will lead you to realize huge results in your Internet business.

This comprehensive video guide covers everything from validating your business idea to transitioning your business for growth, to successfully scaling your business to grow beyond your wildest dreams.


A Quick Overview Of What You’ll Discover

  • How to use psychology to determine your optimal product pricing
  • The secrets to collecting data about customer activity on your website so that you can make a better product
  • How to target influence marketers to expand your target audience and generate more high-quality traffic to your website
  • How you can analyze your blog for clues on how to better optimize it to get more views and shares
  • How to quickly identify the most popular topics in your industry to create buzz-worthy blog posts
  • Gain valuable insight on what key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to follow and how to create a customized
    metrics dashboard that keeps you on top of these KPIs
  • Figure out how to benchmark your cost per acquisition target so you don’t spend more to obtain a new customer than their worth
  • How to save money by doing your own YouTube ads
  • Uncover the secret for finding the perfect name for your business, product, or service
  • How you can use Google Ads to Test Demand for Your Product
  • A quick hack for conducting the best keyword research for SEM and SEO
  • How to send your different traffic sources to your different landing pages
  • How to create your own Groupon-like daily deals to send to your customers
  • The secret to turbo-charging your content production so you never run out of high-quality content
  • How you can use Google’s Mobile Ads Call Button to drive more lead volume for your business
  • How to hire a personal assistant without breaking the bank
  • Plus a whole lot more…