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The Affiliate Accelerator Bundle
$1997 Value
Simple Audio Products
$197 Value
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Here’s the details for you!

I’m going to give you access to those two BONUSES that you see above and I’m going to invite you to be a part of the MOST ELITE system available online today… to show you how to have an income selling other people’s products.

And before you read any further, understand this is all FREE!


… with instant access to everything you need including the live bootcamp trainings, Facebook posts, videos, ads and even emails that you can just plug in, all resources that have gone on to generate six and seven figure-income.

The last person that learned this method – now does over $6,000 each time he sends out an email.

We have students that have gone on to clear over $100,000 in their business. We expect this group to generate over $300,000 as a collective whole.

At the very bare minimum you will learn the secrets to generating about $300/wk an average from the get go.

The secret is to learn how to sell other people’s digital products before anybody else even knows they are available in the marketplace.

(You can do it with a simple Google Doc just like this one.)

There are 3 secrets that you need to learn and then, you’re going to be able to do this each and every day if you choose to!

Our goal with this program is to teach you how to make 25 sales! That’s it, all you need is 25 sales. The profit from those sales goes right to your bank account.

Once you get your first sale, it’s like a faucet has turned on… you won’t be able to turn it off!

It’s not uncommon to see $37 roll in… then $67, $97, $197, $297 and before you know it…

You’re even able to start seeing $1,997, $2,997 and even $5,000 sales

That’s when you really start to experience what life has to offer!

And it’s all 100% legal and legit.

Heck. even Starbucks, Walmart, and Oshkosh B’gosh will let you go sell their products and then give you a chunk of the sale.

Like Angela, a single stay at home mom, who years ago followed the strategy and made like $497 her first go… she then went on to grow her business to over a million dollars.

With NO PAID ADS, phone calls or even needing a website.

This is all she does now. She does this fulltime in her business.

Last time we heard from her she was booking a charter cruise for her and her fiance in the Caribbean.

And she still makes sales all while sailing the great seas…

Even when she doesn’t have an internet connection she still has sales rolling in.

And more importantly…

She has MORE TIME for herself and her family.

She’s also able to serve more people in the process.

See, Angela has learned how to go out there and sell the highest IN-DEMAND products available online today…. WITHOUT SELLING!

They see her as a leader that is impacting the lives of so many people.

This system that I’m about to introduce you to FOR FREE will give you the same opportunity that Angela has.

The best part of all this…

● You don’t have to create your own products
● You don’t have to have employees
● You don’t have a physical location
● You don’t have hardly any overhead

All you need is an internet connection, and the desire to provide an impact in the lives of those you touch…
So, we are looking for more leaders like Angela.

Who are SELF-MOTIVATED and can be a great TEAM PLAYER!

And have the INTENTIONS to change their life.

Team players that are willing to show up for the FREE training and follow the exact “Paint-By-Numbers formula that has been created.

They’ll discover where to find a GOLD MINE of products that are high-in-demand and they will deploy the secret methods and techniques that they learn in the “Affiliate Accelerator Bundle Bootcamp” WITHOUT needing to build websites, write emails, or having to recruit your family members…

Which brings up another point. This is NOT MLM or anything multi-level..

Not even close

Instead, this is an “Exclusive Limited Opportunity for you to participate in a FREE TRAINING that will present a new realm of opportunity for yourself and those that you care about.

In this training, you’ll learn about the “3-secrets” to finding these digital products before anybody else. You’ll also learn how to get people to see and buy these products before they are even available to the public…

We have seen products like this sell for as much as $5,000 and in most cases, you get to keep 50% of that sale… (I know that sounds crazy… but this is the opportunity I am presenting to you)

And it can all be done by creating a simple little letter just like this one.

An exclusive invite

Nothing fancy… (but I’m telling ya, it results in BIG TIME SALES)

We have over 500 members that are already inside of this program…

And they all say this is just STUPID SIMPLE!

And there’s nothing to sell!

See, the people that are out there selling BEFORE there is interest created are coming off as very annoying and spammy. It’s a VERY ineffective process that DOES NOT WORK!

Instead, we’re going to teach you how to do this with this simple 3-step process and we’re going to utilize SOCIAL MEDIA.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn

You can probably spend 5 minutes a day, and get massive results from this..

BUT…. once you do learn the secret you are SET FOR LIFE!

Making $300 – $500 a day before you even wake up becomes a reality and you’re going to have a BLAST DOING IT!

This is something only a small population of the world knows…

It’s a hidden secret.

And there’s really NO RISK

I’ll say that again… you have NOTHING TO LOSE

It’s not unusual for me to make $1,000 – $3,000 a day by using this method… and most of the time I have my peeps doing all the work for me

I spend most of my time traveling or hanging out with friends out here in Vegas.

Now the methods I am teaching in this opportunity have only been revealed behind closed-doors here in my private home in Las Vegas.

We have people that fly in from all over the world and they spend about $5,000 – $7,000 to learn what you’re about to discover FOR FREE!

Most people that discover this opportunity try to learn everything on their own and they want to complicate everything.

  •     They try to build and sell on websites 
  •     They try to build a customer list that they can email
  •     They try to create a YouTube Channel
  •     They attempt to setup a blog  
  •     A lot of them are trying to sell physical products on Amazon

All these methods are SO COMPLICATED!

And they are so very competitive!

You just need to learn this simple 3-step formula that I’m going to reveal to you for FREE in just a minute

And you’ll have a VERY CLEAR pathway to success

You’ll be one-step closer to making $37, $67, $97, $197, $297, $1,997 and even $5,000 sales WITHOUT SELLING A THING!

And I can’t say this enough


This will work in any niche or marketplace you can think of

Health, Wellness, Entertainment, Wood Working, Real Estate, Financial, Dog Training… I even have a musician that does this MORE THAN SHE DOES MUSIC STUFF!

I even know of a chiropractor that left his practice just to do this full time.

It works in every niche/industry we’ve tried.

So, I’m sure you are starting to get this…

So let me tell you how to get started

I have a webinar presentation that I did showing you EXACTLY how this whole process works. (this presentation will change your life so make sure you watch it) and remember YOU WON’T HAVE TO SPEND A PENNY!

Click here to watch that presentation

Once you have watched this presentation and decided that this is the opportunity you have been looking for, you’re going to be invited to join our “Pre-launch” group so that you can be involved with the rest of the members.

We will have weekly trainings that are all recorded and stored inside your members area. You really want to be a part of these calls but if you can’t attend that is okay as well.

Now we’re also going to give you all the tools and resources you need to make your new business a reality. Including videos, emails, images, posts, etc….( don’t worry we will show you what to do with these things)

And that’s it

Nothing to buy…

No Pitch…

No Catch…

We just want to make sure that you are 100% Committed!

So do the two simple steps above…

And we will take care of the rest on the LIVE TRAININGS
Reply back if you have any questions okay?

Give a BIG SHOUTOUT for me inside the group!

All The Best,
Gary Frazier